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Your Top 5 Go-To Summer Mixed Drinks This Year


Quench your thirst and whet your whistle with our selection of chef-inspired cocktails. While Denver is considered one of the hottest destinations for American craft beers, but we’re also home to high-end bars and restaurants. Whether you prefer classic flavors or the latest trends, you are sure to find a mixed drink that will work perfectly for your next brunch with friends or after-work happy hour. Our favorite summer cocktails include:


If you enjoy a nice glass of rosé every once in a while, you will love its even more refreshing sister drink: the frosé. Take your rosé to the next level with this incredible frosé recipe from Bon Appetit. Combine a full-bodied bottle of rosé with hulled strawberries, sugar, and a couple of ounces of fresh lemon juice in a blender. The resulting pink-hued and frozen concoction is a surefire way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Tepache con Mezcal

Crafted as a sweet addition to Mexican street beverages, tepache is a delicious, low-alcohol drink made from fermented pineapples. You can add it to your favorite beer for a refreshing pineapple twist or drink it with your favorite liquors. Try it with a variety of drinks to find your favorite combination. With similar Mexican roots, mezcal is a particularly delicious pairing. Follow this recipe from Tale of the Cocktail for a bartender-approved Tepache con Mezcal.

French 75

Everybody knows that the French 75 never goes out of style. With tart lemon juice, crisp Champagne, and a splash of piney gin, the French 75 is a light and effervescent cocktail. Serve in a Champagne flute and be sure to add the lemon zest for a touch of bitterness. To create the simple and stunning drink, check out this recipe from Epicurious for inspiration.

Aperol Spritz

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a prosecco-based cocktail with friends. With warm notes of orange and vanilla, Aperol is a delicious liqueur that pairs well with bubbles. Like the French 75, the Aperol spritz is a boozy beverage that begs to be shared. Combine chilled prosecco with seltzer water and a bottle of Aperol for a trendy and tasty cocktail. This Food & Wine recipe is a great place to start.


Classics are classics for a reason. Enjoyed frozen or on the rocks, a zesty lime margarita is sure to hit the spot. Follow this New York Times recipe and add ½ ounce of Cointreau to balance out the tartness. If that flavor profile isn’t your favorite, experiment with other flavors. Tamarind is a fun and surprising ingredient, while strawberry adds sweetness.

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