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Why Fat Bikes are Great Winter Rides


When winter rolls in and the snow starts to fall, many people take the cold weather as a cue to stow their bikes until the spring thaw. Snow is for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and skating, right? Indeed, winter calls for these tried-and-true cold weather pastimes. Increasingly over the last decade, winter has also begun to make room for a new staple in the snow sport scene: fat biking. Bundle up and get ready to pedal, because fat bikes make year-round riding a possibility.

So, What is a Fat Bike?

What is a fat bike, anyway? Good question. A fat bike sports tires that are four to five inches wide and run at a low tire pressure. The tires offer increased stability and flotation and make surfaces (like sand and snow) that normally cause you to sink, available to ride on. If you’re looking to try an accessible sport, fat biking is for you. If you’re an avid mountain biker looking for time on single-track trails when the snow hides the dirt, fat biking is for you. If you are a bike commuter who longs to stay out of the carpool lane and in the bike lane, fat biking is for you.

A Great Workout

For those of you in perpetual training, fat biking offers a great workout. Not only is it a great way to stay in cycling shape and extend mountain biking season, it’s a great way to stay in shape in general. Fat biking burns calories and builds strength – it’s all about slow and steady movements. You will never have a moment of coasting on a fat bike like you have with summer conditions. The tires will keep you aloft, but you have to keep spinning those tires. Taking your workout outside and choosing a workout that allows you to keep a sauntering pace, means you are in a prime position to soak up the beauty of the winter months.

Polish Your Skills

Though fat biking isn’t just for snow, it excels in winter conditions. The same mechanics that make a fat bike a great ride in the snow, make it a great way to boost your skills and confidence behind the handlebars. The traction offered by fat bikes preps a rider to handle tricky biking conditions and polish his or her finesse.

Most of all, fat biking will put you on cloud nine. It’s fun! Yes, it offers fitness and skill development, but, above all, anyone can have a blast on a fat bike.

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