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Tips for Learning how to Paddleboard on Windsor Lake


If you have always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding, TAVA Waters is the perfect place for you. Located along the calm waters of Windsor Lake, our luxury community offers laidback lakeside living with easy access to the lake as well as a convenient on-site marina. You can stop by to borrow a kayak or paddleboard and explore our private 60-acre lake. Before you hit the water, read through our favorite tips to ensure your first stand up paddle boarding experience is a success.

Choose the Right Board

Think big. When you are learning how to paddle board, it’s important to feel comfortable. To help you with stability and balance, choose a large and wide paddle board. A larger surface will allow you to plant your feet shoulder-width apart and find your equilibrium. If you’re having trouble finding your balance your first time out, don’t give up! Try a bigger board and see if that helps.

Start on Calm Water

Balance takes work. Especially when you’re learning how to stand up paddle board, we recommend starting slow. You’re almost guaranteed to fall off your board your first time out. So do yourself a favor by avoiding the waves and starting in calm waters. To avoid rougher waters on Windsor Lake, take your paddle board out in the morning and be sure to check the weather report beforehand.

Find Your Footing

When it comes to stand up paddle boarding, your stance is crucial. Start out on your knees once you’re far enough out that your fin won’t hit the bottom of the lake. Then slowly stand up, one foot at a time, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet parallel and pointed toward the nose of your board. Many people want to treat the stand up paddle board like a surfboard, but a surf stance will throw you off-balance when paddling.

Engage Your Core

Stand up paddle boarding is a full-body workout. To find a sense of stability, keep your knees bent and engage your core. Your paddle strokes will be most powerful if you allow your large back muscles to do the bulk of the work. Beginner stand up paddle boarders often exert their arm muscles instead of using the full force of the muscles in their torso. For a smooth ride and strong strokes, let your core do the work.

When you’re ready to test your balance, stop by our marina on Windsor Lake to borrow your beginner SUP. Once you’ve mastered the basics, check out nearby Cherry Creek Reservoir or Bear Creek Lake Park to test your skills. TAVA Waters is your home for active living in Cherry Creek, Denver.

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