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Thinking About Ink? Five Tattoo Shops in Cherry Creek You Need to Visit


Tattoos are works of art you carry with you for the rest of your life, proudly (or not so much depending on the tattoo) displayed across your body. For some, one simple tattoo may feed their craving, while others collect entire body suits of inked art. Whether you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo of your fiftieth, we’ve curated a list of our five favorite tattoo shops in the Cherry Creek area of Denver. 

Certified Customs 

Certified Customs is home to some of Denver’s most talented tattoo artists, 10 of them in fact, all under one roof. For black and white portraits and photo realism, Salvador Diaz comes in high demand. Jorden Spencer draws attention for his new school black work tattoos. From watercolor to cover-ups, you’ll find the perfect tattoo artist to create the inked art of your dreams. 

End of Days Tattoo

End of Days Tattoo started by restoring one of the oldest tattoo shops in Colorado. The shop specializes in custom tattoos large and small, and also takes walk-ins seven days a week. Eight resident artists currently call End of Days home including the number three tattoo artist in Denver (according to their alternative weekly newspaper, the Westword). Frank “Wolfman” Speaker, a shop father at End of Days, offers more than 30 years experience and specializes in visceral color schemes portraying both nature and portraits. 

Fallen Owl Tattoo

Fallen Owl Tattoo brings together some of Denver’s most talented artists in a clean and professional atmosphere. The shop specializes in one-off custom pieces designed specific to each client. Whether you prefer detailed black and gray line work or big, bold color tattoos, you’re sure to find the perfect artist to capture the essence of that piece you’ve been dreaming of. Owner Adam Rose specializes in detailed color sleeves that span the gamut of your imagination. 

Sol Tribe Tattoo & Body Piercing

Sol Tribe spawned from Denver’s first custom tattoo shop Twisted Sol, which owner Alicia Cardenas co-owned for 13 years. Sol Tribe brings together a collective of artists to create one of Denver’s best custom tattoo shops. While many shops specialize in Americana, Sol Tribe takes it back further to the indigenous people of the planet. Sol Tribe has continually been recognized as one of the best tattoo shops in Denver for their great customer service, immaculate shop atmosphere, and the stunning portfolios of the tattoo artists. 

Lifetime Tattoo

When you think of traditional tattoo shops, you probably imagine walls covered in flash designs. Lifetime Tattoo, established in 2001, offers Denver residents a timeless tattooing experience in a friendly and sterile atmosphere. The collective of artists at Lifetime can accommodate all styles of tattooing, making Lifetime a stellar option for anyone desiring a high-quality piece. From bold color pieces to intricately designed black and grey designs, you’ll find the perfect artist to ink your skin. 

Tattoo Aftercare

Remember to follow the tattoo aftercare recommendations provided by your tattoo artist in order to preserve the integrity of your new work of art and to keep out bacteria. Here are a few other helpful tips:

  • Don’t scratch your new tattoo
  • Avoid submerging it in water for one to three weeks after
  • Choose alcohol and fragrance-free soaps to wash your tattoo
  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Choose a fragrance-free lotion or ointment to apply to your tattoo during the healing process 

If you practice good aftercare, you’re ensuring the quality of the tattoo for years to come. 

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