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TAVA Waters Renovations


TAVA Waters is reinventing the everyday with a full restart of our community. Construction will be conducted in four phases, with the first phase already underway. Everything from our on-site amenities to the community atmosphere will be upgraded. More than a facelift, we’re creating a whole new kind of lifestyle; one where adventure integrates with practical conveniences and high-end features and finishes.

Phase I

Structural Renovations

Our very first priority is to update the structural integrity of our homes and property. While it might not be sexy, it is necessary. New roofing, siding, and sidewalks will improve the safety and livability of our community, while a fresh coat of paint serves to enhance the aesthetic of our exteriors.

We’ve updated our color palette to reflect the beauty of our locale:

  • Deep purple hues representative of the Rocky Mountains
  • Rich greens evocative of the spruce trees populating our forests
  • Dark blues that symbolize vibrant lakeside living
  • Cool grays to reflect the snowcapped peaks of Colorado’s infamous Fourteeners

Another livability-focused renovation is improved signage for better navigation throughout the property.

Interior Renovations

At TAVA Waters, we believe you deserve a better home. That’s why we are renovating the interiors of our apartments and townhomes. You can expect the following upgrades:

  • Smart Home Technology – Nest Thermostat, Google Home
  • Stainless-Steel Appliances
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Plank Wood Flooring
  • New Color Palette

We will also be working to update the efficiency of our apartments to comply with our initiatives for a greener standard of living.

Stay Up to Date

It takes big ideas to achieve new heights. At TAVA Waters, we’re blazing trails and reaching further to deliver a new option for Denver’s most discerning renters. Imagine contemporary apartment living where mountain bikes and lake views replace street parking and city noise. Not just a home for those who seek more, TAVA Waters is where lifestyle adventurers become apartment enthusiasts. It’s not life as usual, it’s life as you dream it.

Follow along with our blog to stay up to date on the renovation of TAVA Waters, and if you have any questions about renovated apartments, please reach out to Resident Services. 

TAVA Waters


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