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Small House Plants That Warm Up A Room (And Don't Require Much Work!)


We applaud all of you who champion over the garden and manage your flower beds like they were lining the White House lawn. Not all of us, however, have been blessed with a green thumb. If this resonates with you a bit more, have no fear. Put your fake, plastic greenery to the side. It’s easy to make any room more “homey” with these (super) low-maintenance indoor plants:

1) Peace Lily

These beauties are very adaptable and easy to care for, a long-time favorite with the green-thumb, and the green-thumb-challenged alike. Although peace lilies come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, most serve as a floor plant since they can reach up to three feet tall. Caring for your plant is simple. They prefer low-light exposure, so put your peace lily in a room that stays shaded during the daytime. A cool thing about these plants is that they will actually tell you when they are ready to be watered. Wait until you see a slight droop, usually about once a week, and then water until the soil is thoroughly damp. 

Pets: They contain oxalates which can irritate your pet’s mouth and stomach. You should keep peace lilies far away from curious cats and dogs.

2) Snake Plant

The snake plant gives us all the Anthropologie vibes. Pair this strikingly green plant with a brightly colored pot to complete the look. Bonus. Besides being beautiful and oh-so-trendy, these houseplants also improve your homes air quality. The only thing your new snake plant is picky about is what soil you put it in. These plants are more prone to rot, so be sure to put them in a free-draining soil mix and a terracotta pot that won’t trap water inside. Besides that, snake plants thrive when left alone. Place them in a spot that gets some sunlight and wait to water them when the soil is completely dry. 

Pets: Just like peace lilies, these plants can also upset your dog or cat’s stomach, so keep them up off the ground and away from nibbling pets. 

3) Cast Iron Plant

Bring the tropics indoors with this tough, leathery foliage houseplant. Cast iron plants love cooler areas, so find a room with low light, forget to water it sometimes, and watch it thrive. These plants are exceptionally tolerable to its environment and are known for being able to survive through even the poorest conditions, inside or out. Ideally, keep your cast iron plant in soil that is constantly damp but not soggy. When kept inside, try to repot them every two to three years.   

Pets: You are in the clear! Cast iron plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats. 

4) Pothos

If there was an award for the easiest indoor plant, it would be our good friend, the pothos. Stick them in a room with minimal light and wait for the soil to dry up before watering them again – that’s all it takes to make them happy. Pro tip. If you see their leaves start to yellow, you’re watering too much. Give them a few days and check the soil before trying again. An awesome thing about pothos is they grow just fine when placed in water. Once you’ve decided on an environment, though, avoid switching them out. The transition from water to being potted in soil can cause a lot of stress. Place your vining plant up high on a shelf, hanging in a corner from a net, or anywhere that their long legs can grow and be admired. 

Pets: If your cat or dog nibbles on the pothos’ leaves, they may get an upset stomach. Keep an eye on your pets and everything will be just fine.

These popular house plants are easy to maintain and can really liven up your home aesthetic. For more home decorating hacks and tips, check out the TAVA Waters blog!

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