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Renovations Update: Amenity Names


Renovations at TAVA Waters are moving as swift as the South Platte. An integral part of our all-encompassing enhancements is the naming of our amenities. The naming process goes deep into the way we express our connection to the daily adventure. Names connect us to the heart and spirit of our endeavors. And we’re excited to have chosen some to match our aspirations.

Drumroll, Please.

As we update and optimize our community, we have the opportunity to identify the essence of what it is to Live TAVA. As ever, we are moved and motivated by the beauty and challenge of Colorado, the scope and the intensity of the Rocky Mountain terrain. Amenity names reflect, too, the human animal in the landscape. We are considering the view at the culmination of the climb. With these things in mind, here are the new monikers for our renovated amenities:

  • Cairn – Our Restaurant. Deliciousness carefully and expertly composed from natural ingredients, crafted by humans
  • The Capital – Renaming of the Catamaran Club. Stay on top of your adventure.
  • Aerial – Renaming of the Fitness Center. Feel yourself soar to new physical heights.
  • Club Longitude – Renaming of Boundary Bay. Set your sights beyond the expected.
  • Summit Movie House – Renaming of Gold Coast. Scale the peak of entertainment.

New names, revitalized visuals and performance, and high expectations color this moment in our renovation process. We are excited to deepen our residents’ connection to their living environment through thoughtful and meaningful association to the natural world and its wonders and mysteries.

Renovation Watch

The transformation of Boundary Bay is looking good for the beginning of June, following the completion of the Resident Services Center. With every step of our progress, we reaffirm our commitment to improving the livability, function, and all around pleasure of living in the TAVA Waters community.

We have most assuredly thought big with a vision to broaden our residents’ horizons with spaces and services that energize, elate, and boldly inspire.

Connect with TAVA Waters Resident Services to get details and answers to questions about the state of our metamorphosis.

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