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Learn how to cook with a meal delivery service


As a city known for its food culture, Denver is at the cutting-edge of meal delivery services. We’re home to many of the classics including HelloFresh and Blue Apron, as well as Colorado startups like Boulder-based Green Chef. If you’re a busy professional, an active Colorado family, or simply new to cooking and meal planning, a meal delivery service can change the way you approach dinner. Find time to cook at home and feed your body well. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite meal delivery options in the Denver area.


As one of the original meal delivery services, HelloFresh offers a variety of customizable meal plans with fresh ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Tailor your meal delivery to suit the needs of your household. Featuring vegetarian options, low-calorie choices, and family-friendly dinners, each menu offers a well-rounded meal complete with fresh and seasonable produce. They even offer a curated list of wines to pair with their chef-created recipes.

Blue Apron

Another great option for meal kit ingredients is Blue Apron. As one of the first companies on the scene, they’ve developed relationships between chefs and farmers to bring you the best quality recipes and ingredients. Plus, their commitment to supporting local farmers reduces their carbon footprint, making them a delicious and sustainable meal choice.

Sun Basket

For fresh, sustainable, and organic ingredients, there’s no better meal delivery option than Sun Basket. With paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and family recipes available, nourishing your mind, body, and soul is a snap. Their organic and non-GMO ingredients are pre-measured in your kit so you can whip up healthy meals right in your home kitchen.

Green Chef

If you’re searching for a locally based meal delivery service, look no further than Green Chef. As a Boulder startup, they deliver ingredients for modern lifestyles. Even if your diet falls more toward omnivore, paleo, keto, or vegan, they have a meal plan to suit your lifestyle. The recipes are quick and simple, with easy-to-follow instructions and exclusive chef tips to help you along the way.

Home Chef

Home Chef is here to help you learn to love cooking. With fresh and healthy ingredients delivered directly to your door, you can create effortless meals in 30 minutes or less. To help you go green, your meal delivery box is lined with recycled and biodegradable materials.

Sign up for your favorite meal delivery service and embark on a culinary adventure today. Don't just live at TAVA. Make it your home. Learn more about our upgraded kitchens.

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