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Keep Your Dog Happy During the Work Day with These Tips


Are you the kind of person who feels guilty when they head to work and leave their dog every morning? Do you wonder what she even does all day? Wish you could just bring her to the office with you? Maybe it’s time to investigate new ways to keep your pup happy while you’re gone!

Create a Cozy Dog Zone

When you’re leaving your dog home all day, you want to create a safe and cozy space for her. Some dogs, especially those who tend to have separation anxiety, do better in smaller spaces: consider crate training or installing a baby gate to section off part of your apartment. Wherever she’ll stay, make sure she has a soft place to rest, whether it’s a dog bed or the couch, since she’ll probably spend much of her day snoozing. Some dogs love to snuggle with a blanket or an old shirt of yours—anything that smells like you.

Keep Her Busy

Give your pup plenty to do while you’re gone! Bad habits like whining, barking, and chewing are often caused by boredom. Dogs need mental stimulation as much as they need physical exercise. There are all kinds of puzzle games and treat dispensing toys to keep your dog engaged while you’re gone, such as a classic Kong stuffed with treats (check out this extreme version for powerful chewers) or a food dispensing ball like this one. Remember that for safety, it’s important you don’t leave anything that can break apart when chewed.

Netflix and Chill

Some dogs like the comfort of soft noises when your apartment is empty. You can leave a little soothing classical music playing or invest in a sound machine to create some white noise (this can also help drown out any noises your dog makes so that she doesn’t bother the neighbors). If your dog likes to snuggle on the couch with you when you watch TV, consider leaving it on while you’re away for some visual and audio stimulation. There’s even a whole TV station just for dogs! It was designed with dog behaviorists specifically to relax and stimulate your pup.

Get Moving in the Morning

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your dog happy at home all day is to make sure she’s getting plenty of exercise. If you usually work out at night, consider switching to a long morning walk around the lake or a run to wear her out before you head to work. As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Enlist Support

Can’t squeeze in a morning run? Or does your dog just need more exercise than you can manage on a work day? Luckily, we have easy access to plenty of dog walkers and doggie daycare here in Denver. Check out to find a walker to come and take your pup for a spin in the middle of the day. Or, for dogs who love to socialize, try a day or two each week at doggie daycare—it’s a great way to wear out an active dog, and they’ll look forward to their weekly playdates. There are several doggie daycares close to TAVA Waters: check out the well-loved Big Backyard, or Camp Bow with locations all over Denver.

At TAVA Waters, we love your pups as much as you do. Learn more about how to keep your dog happy and healthy when you live LiveTAVA.

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