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How to Organize Your Kitchen In a Way That Would Make Martha Stewart Proud


Create a kitchen that is just as practical as it is beautiful. Amateur and home chefs alike find that the best kitchens strike the ideal balance between function and form. With a strategic design plan, the right tools, and a little time, you can set up a kitchen that would impress the domestic goddess herself. Make the most of your home kitchen at TAVA Waters with these simple tips:

Utilize Your Cabinet Space

To help you organize your utensils, tools, and implements, the kitchen in your apartment home at TAVA Waters features abundant cabinet storage options. Maximize your cabinet space by combining similarly shaped items. Stack your dishes, cutting boards, and flatware and nest your bowls, pots, and pans. By thinking in terms of your available space, you can make smart choices when picking up new items for your kitchen. Try to find items that serve more than one purpose and choose items with a small storage footprint, like nesting mixing bowls, for example.

Maximize Your Pantry

Equipped with additional kitchen shelving, select homes at TAVA Waters simplify storage. Use the shelving unit as your own personal pantry. To make the most of your available space, pick up storage containers that fit your needs. Whether you are storing spices, baking ingredients, grains, teas, or anything in between, you can find storage solutions that will help you keep your food items and dry goods organized and within reach.

Choose the Right Containers

The right containers are the key to a well-organized kitchen. Big-box stores like IKEA, Target, and The Container Store at Cherry Creek Mall stock an impressive selection of kitchen storage solutions. They carry a wide array of options ranging from glass jars, fabric bins, tupperware, refrigerator containers, and shelving units to stack in your cabinets. Before you go, be sure to measure your cabinets as well as the items you need to store. That way, you can ensure a perfect fit.

Purchase Storage Furniture

If you simply do not have enough space for your kitchenware, there’s no need to worry. With so many modern furniture suppliers focusing on small space storage solutions, it has never been easier to pick up a piece of kitchen furniture that doubles as storage. From kitchen carts to shelving units, there are a number of great options for added kitchen storage. A kitchen cart is especially great if you are interested in additional preparation space while a shelving unit provides room for larger appliances.

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