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How to Meal Prep like a Pro


Trying to save time – and money – during the work week? Give meal prepping a go. While most Sundays are spent recovering from a fun-filled weekend in the Rockies or watching your favorite Denver sports team, you can also use it get a jump on the week. While it might seem like a lot of work, meal planning isn’t that hard or time-consuming. In fact, it’s really easy and also good for you!

With no more than an hour of prep time, you’ll have all the meals you need to tackle the week ahead. Follow these basic steps and you’ll be a pro at meal prepping in no time.

Check your Calendar, Set the Time

A lot of us work best when we hold ourselves accountable by documenting our schedule and sticking to it. Choose a time to put your meals together during the week and make it happen. If you work the Monday through Friday nine-to-five grind, Sunday is your best bet – and it guarantees fresher meals for the week ahead.

Plan Your Menu

When it comes to meal prepping, our favorite part is planning the menu! While Pinterest is of course our number one go-to for recipes, there are also a lot of great blogs you can check out for meal ideas. Take a peek at The Kitchn for fresh new meal ideas or stay up to date with Martha Stewart’s Grocery Bag. Packing lunches for work? The Every Girl has you covered.

Once you’ve got your menu down, head to the store and stock up! King Soopers and Sprouts are both just a quick drive from TAVA Waters.

Tips to Make Meal Prep More Enjoyable

The key to tackling any task is preparation – even when preparing to pre. If you know you don’t like to cook, try to make it more enjoyable for yourself. Download a few podcasts – Burnt Toast is always a fun listen – or put together a new playlist to jam out to while you work.

Here are a few more tips to help you on your meal prep journey:

  • It can be more expensive, but precut fruits and vegetables will save you time prepping.
  • Spend less time cooking and make use of more raw ingredients.
  • Mix it up by bulk preparing different base items for the week – rice, quinoa, chicken, etc. – and think about different sauces, dressings, or preparations.
  • If you are preparing meals for more than three days, freeze the remaining portions in an airtight container and thaw out close to the day you actually plan to eat the meal.
  • Invest in reusable, BPA-free containers you can see through.

Enjoy the Extra Time, and Relax

Now that you are a professional meal prepper, take the extra time you have in your day to hit the gym, go outside with friends, or even just relax. At TAVA Waters, we’re here to help you live happier.

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