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How to Declutter Your Apartment


We get it. Life gets cluttered! You bring home trinkets from vacations and receive random gifts you’re not sure you’ll ever use. Somehow it all ends up on whatever clear surface is available at the time. Studies suggest that some organization can help you feel more put together and productive. A clutter-free apartment is also a clutter-free mind, right? Check out these quick decluttering ideas to put yourself at ease and whip your apartment into shape:

The Good ’Ol 10% Rule

We’re all guilty of it. Sometimes we come home from a Target shopping spree only to realize we don’t have any room for all the items we’ve bought. Look at your apartment in sections – the kitchen, your closet, the living room, etc. Analyze what you have and decide if that space is at full capacity or not. If it is, sort through the items and leave at least 10% of the space empty. For example, if you feel like you couldn’t add even one more book to your bookcase, go through and find 10% of the books you don’t necessarily need and donate them. As you buy new books, continue to keep 10% of your display available. Voilà! No more overstuffed spaces.

The Donation Effect

Have you ever helped a friend move and heard them say, “Wow! I didn’t realize I had so much stuff!?” It’s easy to let things to build up over time and grow accustomed to the clutter. Once a month, choose a different section of the apartment to go through. If you haven’t used or worn an item in the past six months, consider donating it! Of course, we will always have those sentimental items that we hold on to, but for everything else, be honest and ask yourself if you have used it recently or if you have any intention of using it later. When in doubt, you know what to do. Donate! Donate! Donate!

Creativity is Key

It might not necessarily be that you have too many things. Maybe you just have items that you’re not sure where to put. When it comes to organizing your apartment, creativity is where it’s at. Find ways to store items while simultaneously decorating. For all you snow junkies, instead of taking up closet space, mount your skis on the wall in a cool display. This adds personality to your home while also catering to functionality – two birds, one stone. You could also do this with your bike, tennis rackets, or boxing gloves. You name it! This is a great way to reclaim your space and make it your own.

Remember, home organization does not have to be overwhelming. Find what works for you and dedicate a small amount of time each day to keeping your apartment clean. For more tips on apartment living in Denver, Colorado, go to the TAVA Waters blog.

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