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How Google Home Can Help You Get Organized


TAVA Waters is more than an apartment community. We want our homes and amenities to enhance your already dynamic life. That’s why your luxury apartment home is furnished with incredible smart home features. From a Nest Thermostat to Bluetooth door locks, it’s easier than ever to control your environment with the touch of a button. To take full advantage of the high-tech features, you can purchase Google Home and control your automated apartment home with the voice-activated speaker.

Nest Thermostat

Each of the luxury living spaces at TAVA Waters is equipped with a Nest Thermostat. This high-tech thermostat is energy efficient and helps you save money on your heating and cooling bills. Plus, your Nest Thermostat can alert you if there’s an issue with your heating and cooling system. You can download the app to adjust the temperature and receive alerts on your phone. For even easier usage, sync your Google Home to the device and dictate your commands.

Bluetooth Door Locks

We’ve all been there. As soon as you drive down the street the thought pops into your head: Did I lock the front door? At TAVA Waters, we’ve installed Bluetooth door locks so you never have to go back to check. You can control the lock with the smartphone app when you’re on the go, or lock and unlock the door with a voice command to an app on your Google Home. As an added bonus, the Bluetooth door lock allows hands-free entry, unlocking the door for you upon arrival.


In addition to helping around the home, Google Home can streamline your work and personal life. Once you sync your Google Home to your digital calendar, Google Assistant can give you alerts about your day. Whether you need a quick rundown of your workday meetings or the weather report for tonight’s Rockies’ game, your smart home can help you keep track of the details that matter most to your day.

Shopping Lists

To help you keep your refrigerator and pantry fully stocked, Google Home can even put together real-time shopping lists for you. Use voice commands to add everything from apples to zucchini to your virtual shopping list. Google Assistant will save the list for you to access next time you go to the grocery store. To cut down on your weekly chores, you can even use Google Express to purchase the items directly from your phone or laptop.

Get organized at TAVA Waters. Learn more about the smart home updates we're making in our community.

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