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How Apartment Living Can Help You Save Money


Odds are if you live in the Denver area, you chose to come here for a reason. The fresh air paired with an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities and the culture and entertainment options of the Mile High City make Cherry Creek the ideal neighborhood. Living in an apartment can help you save money to be better spent on enjoying the Denver lifestyle you moved here for. At TAVA Waters, we’ve curated the most desirable and functional apartment amenities designed to save you money and enhance your apartment living experience.

State-of-the-Art Athletic Club

Health and fitness are important to you. Not only do you like to eat organic, local produce, but getting in all of your steps tops your list of daily challenges. Hitting the gym can become expensive. Monthly fees add up and could be better used towards your organic grocery bill. By living at TAVA Waters, you can save money each month by eliminating monthly gym fees and working out in our state-of-the-art athletic club. Whether you prefer weights, spin, yoga, or the treadmill, you’ll find the perfect workout without the spendy price tag at TAVA Waters.


For the adventure-driven, equipment rentals can add up. And so can the gas to get to area lakes. At TAVA Waters, we help you save money while providing you with the outdoor recreational opportunities you’d have to pay for otherwise. Free paddleboard rentals allow you to take full advantage of our 60-acre lake and marina in the summer months. With the lake and seven resort-style swimming pools located on-property, you’ll never have to pay for admission to enjoy the water.


Tired of dragging your clothes across town to the closest laundromat? What about digging through every crevice of your car to find enough quarters to wash your favorite pair of jeans before that hot date you have scheduled for this weekend? Apartment living at TAVA Waters has its advantages when it comes to saving time and money on laundry. Do laundry from the convenience of your own home with in-home washers and dryers. This helpful amenity not only helps you cut costs, but also eliminates inconveniences like travel, finding quarters, and adapting to the hours of the laundromat itself.

Utilities and Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of TAVA Waters apartments comes in the convenience of maintenance-free living. With 24-hour emergency maintenance, you never have to worry about having to pay out of pocket to fix a leaky faucet. Apartment living means your property management team takes care of the costly mishaps that come up. Save money on yard and home maintenance by choosing to live at TAVA Waters. When it comes to heating and utilities, apartments help save you money each month. While our apartments are spacious, the cost for heating and electricity in an apartment don’t come close to that of a home. The cost of heating a house and paying for all utilities including water, sewer, and garbage will have you running full sprint to TAVA Waters for maintenance-free apartment living.

Looking for more ways to save with apartment living? Contact TAVA Waters today for more information about our Cherry Creek apartments and how they can save you money that can be better spent on your active lifestyle.

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