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Host the Ultimate Sushi Dinner Party


Hosting a dinner party doesn’t have to be stressful when you make a party out of the prep. Get the whole crew together and have them be part of the process with a hands-on sushi night. Check out TAVA’s tips for a fun and seamless sushi night. 

Learn the Lingo

From nigiri to temaki, the types of sushi rolls can be hard to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine or language. When making sushi at home, we recommend making maki, nigiri, or temaki rolls. Let’s walk through what those are. 

  • Maki sushi is the type of roll that you probably think of when you hear the word sushi. It’s that classic roll with fish or veggies in the center surrounded by rice and wrapped up in nori seaweed. This might be your go-to sushi night idea, but just a heads up that in order to make maki sushi, you will have to use a bamboo rolling mat to shape the rolls.
  • Temaki sushi is your best choice if you don’t have a bamboo rolling mat. These rolls are also called hand rolls and are really easy to master. Simply add your favorite fillings and rice and roll it up into a cone shape. Here’s a great step-by-step tutorial on creating temaki rolls.​​​​​​
  • Nigiri sushi is another easy one to master at home and makes high-quality, thinly sliced fish the star of the show. For sushi aficionados, this shape will look familiar, with hand-pressed ovals of rice supporting slices of fish like salmon. If the rice shaping seems daunting, check out this great rundown on how to shape nigiri like a pro.    
  • Sushi tacos are definitely not a traditional sushi type and are more of a fusion hybrid, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious and well worth giving a try. Simply treat the nori as a tortilla, line with rice, and have fun with fusion toppings like spicy avocado and tuna. Need some inspo? Check out this a great example of sushi taco ideas

Prep Up

Now that you know the style of sushi you want to make, it’s time to prep the ingredients. You want your sushi party to be a hands-on experience, so your prep should be nothing more than cutting or slicing fillings like sushi-grade fish and veggies as well as cooking the sushi rice. Lay all of the ingredients out on plates or platters, place any additional sides like gyozas, edamame, or miso soup out for an easy serve-yourself option, and enjoy an on-theme sake while you wait for your guests to arrive.  

Enjoy the Party

Your guests are here and it’s time to have fun creating your own custom sushi! After a quick sushi roll demo, let your crew make their own creations and enjoy having a low-key, fun night in with friends. 

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