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Five Hacks to Increase Productivity when Working from Home


Working from home can be a dream. Most of us are happy to say goodbye to our daily commute and fancy work clothes, and the Smart-technology updates at TAVA Waters make working from home even easier. But when you’re home all day, it’s also easy to get so comfy that you have trouble getting through your to-do list. That’s why we’ve hunted down some of the best productivity hacks out there for all of you putting in the hours outside an office.

Invest in cozy clothes that aren’t your pajamas

Lots of productivity hacks are the same no matter where you work, but this one is particular to working from home, where one of the perks is that you could, technically, work in your pajamas all day. However, waking up and changing clothes signals to your brain that you’re starting a new day with new tasks, which is important if you’re not leaving the apartment before you start work. You might even consider creating a “work uniform” to help reduce decision fatigue first thing in the morning. This way, you can wear the same comfy clothes each day and not waste any time or energy wondering what you’ll wear.

Work out in the mornings

Another way to get your brain and body in gear for the workday is to exercise in the morning, rather than at the end of the day. We all know the importance of exercise for our bodies, but studies show that it can also help memory and thinking skills. In addition, starting your day with a sweat session gets your endorphins pumping, which is great for tackling any emails or phone calls you’re not looking forward to. At TAVA Waters, it’s easy to fit in a morning workout at our onsite fitness center, whether you prefer a Crossfit-style challenge, or a dip in one of our pools. Start your morning with a workout, and you’ll be set for the day.

Restrict smartphone access during work hours and at night

If you find yourself scrolling through social media for hours on end, instead of focusing on the work you need to get done, try restricting how you use your phone during the day: turn off notifications and put a time limit on social media use, so that you don’t find yourself constantly multi-tasking between work and Facebook. At night, charging your phone outside your bedroom can help you start the day without getting immediately bogged down in your social media feeds, so that you can get up and get moving.

Do take regular work breaks

Restricting social media time doesn’t mean you should be working every minute of the day! Studies have actually shown that it’s important to take breaks to help maintain your focus, and that several short breaks are better than one long one. So take the time to pause from work regularly--it’s especially helpful to do some light stretching or take a short walk in the fresh air--and you’ll come back to your to-do list refreshed and ready to go.

Chew gum instead of drinking coffee

Last but not least, it can actually help to ditch the coffee that’s so easy to drink all day at home. Plenty of studies have shown that caffeine consumption can lead to anxiety, which usually leads to worry and procrastination, rather than productivity. However, it has been shown that chewing gum may improve concentration! This one may be the simplest and the hardest of all, depending on how much coffee you go through in a day.

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