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Five cheap and easy Halloween costumes you can make at home


While it’s easy to go to the store to pick out a pre-made costume, there’s something special about creating a DIY Halloween costume all on your own. At TAVA Waters, we want to help you embrace your artistic holiday spirit. If you are looking for inspiration or in need of a last-minute costume, check out our list to get your creative juices flowing. From costumes perfect for 2017 to Halloween classics, these DIY Halloween costumes will guarantee you tricks and treats.


Always a classic, the superhero costume never goes out of style. Whether you want to emulate your favorite character or create a superhero all your own, putting together the costume can be easy. Tights, leotards, or sweats make a great base layer and can keep you warm if the temperature drops. You can create a mask and a logo out of felt. Once they’re attached, you’re ready to go! For a timely costume, pick a character from this year’s blockbusters, like “Thor” or “Wonder Woman.”


No matter your clothing style, chances are you have everything you need to create a clown costume right in your closet. Choose a shirt with stripes or polka dots, add suspenders and a brightly colored shoe and you’re ready to go. To complete the look, add white face paint and an oversized red lip. You can customize your look to be as family-friendly or as spooky as you like.


Yes the cat costume has been done but when you DIY your costume, you can make it your own. Think outside the box. Model your costume on your own pet and spray paint a sweatshirt with your cat’s markings. Add ears and a tail and you are ready to spend your night meowing at the moonlight. You can apply the same technique to capture the look of your favorite four-legged animal, from a dog to a bunny to a mouse. The sky’s the limit.


If you’re short on time and need a costume now, there’s no better solution than the timeless ghost costume. Cut two eyeholes in an old sheet and you are ready for Halloween fun. For a twist on the classic, use a sheet in a silly print or add fake blood to make it creepy.

For an added layer of fun, create a costume for your pet too! There’s no reason your four-legged friend should miss out on the fun.

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