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Behind the Scenes: Why TAVA Waters?


A lot goes into naming an apartment community, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It involves a lot of thought, a lot of research, and even more collaboration. The name “TAVA Waters” is the result of an extensive naming process, one that spanned the course of several months and included a thorough competitive analysis and target persona insights that laid the groundwork for our new name.

Let us take you behind the scenes to learn more about the name TAVA Waters and how it came to be.

Reasons behind the Rebrand

The Breakers Resort was acquired by new owners and transitioned to a new management team in October 2016. While The Breakers was a respected and established name in the community, we saw an opportunity to update and renovate the community for a more cohesive, authentic brand that is representative of the Denver lifestyle.

Why TAVA Waters

Our search started simply: To create a brand that speaks to a lifestyle that is green, local, and authentically Denver, and to reposition the property as a vibrant, desirable lakeside community that provides an enhanced way of living.

Tava was the original name given to Pikes Peak by the Ute people, the first to make their home near this famous fourteener. Meaning “sun” in the Ute language, the indigenous people of this area, the Tabeguache, or People of Sun Mountain, understood themselves as belonging to the earth from which they derive the gift of life.

At TAVA Waters, we share in the belief that the Earth is a gift, and we must do our best to protect, conserve, and respect it. That is why we emphasize green initiatives and the beauty of outdoor living. In the spirit of their love for this land, we name our community TAVA Waters as a small gesture of respect for the Ute people.

Think Big. Climb High. Live TAVA.

The transformation of The Breakers Resort into TAVA Waters is ongoing. Follow along with us on our journey to revitalize this community and create Cherry Creek’s most desirable apartment homes.

TAVA Waters


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