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Apartment Hacks for a More Functional & Stylish Denver Lifestyle


At TAVA Waters, we offer you a space that goes beyond basic. Our floor plans are anything but ordinary. And while we’re working hard to renovate our Cherry Creek apartments with luxuries like Nest Thermostat and Bluetooth door locks, there is even more you can do to craft a functional and stylish home. Here are a few ideas to help you personalize your Denver apartment:

5 Tips for a Trendier Home

Bring the Outdoors In

Live a greener, healthier lifestyle by bringing the outdoors in with a refreshing herb or succulent garden. Window sill planters can easily be purchased at any nearby home and garden store. Grow mint for your mojitos, basil for homemade pesto, or aloe to soothe sun and windburns after a day on the slopes.

Find Your Zen

Trying to find something to do with all that extra room in your apartment? Turn it into a yoga and/or meditation studio. Instead of adding to the space, why not go for a minimalist vibe? Hang up the scrolls you picked up from your travels abroad or take the opportunity to showcase your favorite tapestry. What’s most important, is crafting an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.

Smarter, More Stylish Storage

Although plastic totes and black garbage bags are a quick and easy storage solution, we have a few other ideas to help you organize your home. Suitcases, chests of drawers, even ottomans, and bench seats, can pull double duty, both hiding your clutter and serving as a statement piece for the room.  

Upcycle Thrift Store Finds

Why buy new, when you can upcycle? For those who are not familiar with the concept, upcycling is when you repurpose everyday items to create something new. Visit your local thrift store (Sun Rise Thrift Store and Arc Thrift Store are both nearby) and be on the lookout for items like dressers, suitcases, sheets, bottles, and globes. Get creative and create a wine bottle chandelier from empty wine bottles and a pallet of wood. Turn dresser drawers into inventive indoor gardens. The only limit is your imagination.

Upgrade to Google Home

Transform any apartment into a smart home with your very own digital assistant. At TAVA Waters, we include a Google Home with every renovated apartment. Not only does it sync to all of your digital devices, including Nest Thermostat, it also answers your questions, plays music, provides up-to-the-minute traffic reports, and keeps track of your flight information.

Smarter. Better. Local. This is TAVA Waters. Stake your claim on this inventive new space 

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