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Affordable Smart Home Upgrades You Can Make Right Now


Your home is your sanctuary, your basecamp for adventure, and your foundation for an organized (or not so much) life. We’ve researched the hottest tips for smart home upgrades that you can leap on right now. Not to worry, we understand that as a renter, you can’t tear down walls. Still, there are a bevvy of temporary updates you can make to your smart rental home. Take the clean lines and bright, open layouts of our floor plans and tailor your home to fit you and your life.

Clean Your Space

When we think of robotic cleaning devices, Roomba comes instantly to mind. If you need a helping hand (who doesn’t?!) keeping your home tidy, check out the many connected cleaning devices that will vacuum and even mop for you.

Let There Be Light

TAVA Waters’ homes already let in an abundance of natural light, but incorporating a variety of indoor lighting into your home instantly warms up a space. From floor lamps, to task lighting, to that glowing Himalayan pink salt lamp on your nightstand, having lighting at different heights in your home is both welcoming and functional.

Have you ever noticed that you don’t read in that oh-so-comfortable chair in the living room that is perfect for delving into the latest New Yorker? Maybe an additional floor lamp is just the thing you need to make a great space even better. Consider installing smart bulbs around your home for further pinpointed control of your lighting. These color-changing light bulbs can be managed straight from your smartphone.

Calm and Connected

Speaking of technology, adding an Amazon Echo or Google Home to your living space is like having a personal assistant. These smart speakers connect to your calendar, your music, your Netflix account, not to mention a million other apps, and provide voice recognition technology to meet your requests. No matter which device is right for you, it can be easily transported with you to any future homes.

Green Your Space, Literally

Did you know that houseplants boost your mood? They also make you smarter and more creative, clean the air of toxins, and improve your sleep. These benefits, coupled with the undeniable fact that houseplants are just plain pretty, should be reason enough to convince you to flex your green thumb. If houseplants are new to you, be sure to do some research about light and water requirements for different plants. Pop in to your local nursery to pick the brains of the knowledgeable and horticultural-minded. Now that your home is fresher than ever, download an indoor air quality testing app and keep tabs on what you’re breathing. Be sure to thank your friendly spider plant for keeping the air in your home clean.

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