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4 Local Ways to Shop Sustainably in Denver


In 2019, we are all looking for ways that we can live more sustainably. At {{location_name}}, that means taking stock of our environmental impact and taking advantage of the eco-friendly clothing, furniture, and food options right here in the city. If you want to find ways to shop more sustainably in Denver, check out our list of tips to get you started.


Denver-based fashion brands like Equilibrium and Product of My Environment are rethinking sustainability. By reimagining textiles as well as the process of making clothes, they encourage local shoppers to consider their environmental impact. Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy secondhand clothes. TAVA Waters is conveniently located near a number of great local thrift shops, including Arc Thrift Store, Goodwill Outlet, Salvation Army, and Sun Rise Thrift Store. On the weekends, check out the Mile High Flea Market for a great selection of clothes, antiques, and fun.


There are several things to consider when searching for sustainable furniture. First of all, the less you drive, the smaller your carbon footprint. Stay local and invest in the businesses here in the city. In addition to offering a great selection of secondhand clothing, the Mile High Flea Market is a wonderful place to look for high-quality used furniture. If you can’t find what you are looking for, check out gently used furnishings at local favorite H&E Used Furniture. For those who are ready to invest in a high-quality, locally made item, check out the sustainable furniture options by Azure.


Ideally located near Cherry Creek, TAVA Waters makes it easy to find locally grown produce. Visit Colorado Fresh Markets at Cherry Creek Shopping Center, talk to the farmers about their favorite seasonal produce, and pick up impeccably fresh ingredients for your next dinner. You can also take advantage of the great fruits and veggies in the area by signing up for a CSA, also known as community-supported agriculture. By selling shares, local farmers not only supply people with the freshest local produce, they create a sense of community as well.


Ordering off the internet is another option. If you order from credible sources, you may actually reduce your carbon footprint by not driving to the store yourself. Whether you are buying secondhand clothes, researching your next furniture purchase, or ordering from a meal delivery service, buying online could be the most eco-friendly option for you. Be sure to avoid fast fashion and single-use items to make the most sustainable choices.

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