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4 At-Home Date Ideas Your S.O. Will Love You For


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get dressed up for date night, but it can also mean having to make reservations ahead and overspending on dinner. Maybe you’re looking to save money this year toward a big vacay, or you just feel like a cozy night in will be more romantic than a crowded restaurant. Whatever the reason you want to stay home this Valentine’s Day, TAVA Waters has four ideas that prove staying in can be a lot more fun than going out.

Themed Dinner

Staying home for Valentine’s Day means you actually have more control over the evening than you would at a restaurant. So why not make a plan ahead of time for the perfect themed dinner? Maybe you want to do a 1950s menu complete with milkshakes, a create-your-own pizza spread with Sinatra playing in the background, or a farm-to-table meal with food from local growers. Whatever idea you choose, pick up a table cloth or tableware, fresh flowers, and cocktail ingredients to match the theme. Your S.O. will love that you put so much thought into making dinner!

Plan a Trip

We all love the chance to hit the road or hop on a plane with our significant other. Trips provide exciting opportunities for relaxation, romance, and adventure. But the prep work can sometimes feel like a lot. You keep meaning to sit down and plan your trip, whether it’s booking a place to stay or scheduling your flight, but somehow it gets pushed aside. Why not make Valentine’s Day the night to set up your plans in a fun way? Even though map apps are great, paper maps can actually be super helpful when you’re trying to plan a trip and have a clear visual in front of you. Pick up a map for the place you’re headed, charge up your devices, and pull up some of the best travel sites, like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and AirBnb. Order in your favorite takeout or cook up something simple, then get to work planning! You’ll be thankful for a stress-free trip.

DIY Tasting

Maybe you’re a craft beer nerd or you’ve been wanting to up your wine tasting skills. Put together a DIY tasting for you and your Valentine’s date! This at-home date is perfect because it works for a variety of valentines. For the couple that’s been together for some time, it’s a fun way to mix things up, and for people who just started dating, it offers an activity to focus on that takes the pressure off of coming up with conversation. Ahead of time, pick up some meat, cheese, and crackers for a complementary charcuterie spread, or just some easy snacks that pair well with beer. You can even order a beer tasting paddle like this affordable one if you’re feeling fancy. Grab some special brews you’ve been meaning to try or pop open those wine bottles you’ve been saving and get to tasting!

Puzzle or Game Night

It’s kind of a classic. An oldie but goodie. Game nights (or puzzle nights!) are an at-home go-to for a reason. They’re simple to set up and always end up being laid-back but super fun. Make your S.O. crack up by ordering this awkward family photo puzzle or surprise them with a puzzle that’s made from one of your own photos. Pull out your go-to board game or buy one neither of you have tried before. You can even make a bet on who wins the game or who places the last piece of the puzzle, the prize being someone taking on chores for the next week, or owing the other person a trip to the movies. And don’t forget to put out some delicious snacks or pick up a pizza to fuel your brain while playing!

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