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10 Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen This Holiday Season


For many people, the holidays mean spending lots of time in the kitchen. From Thanksgiving dinner, to Christmas cookies, to New Year’s party spreads, there are a lot of different kinds of cooking happening this time of year, and the right tools can make all the difference. Whether you already have a well-stocked kitchen or order in every night, make sure you have these 10 essential kitchen gadgets this holiday season.


It may be last year’s “it” gadget, but the spiralizer is well on its way to becoming a classic. And it’s not just about making zoodles. Try spiralizing apples for a Thanksgiving pie or crisp; it will bake much quicker and look so pretty, too!

Potato Ricer

The secret to the smoothest mashed potatoes? This little gadget right here. Squeeze your cooked potatoes through a ricer and you’re left with light, fluffy mashed potatoes, ready for a ladleful of gravy on top. We think this holiday necessity will make it into your regular rotation.

Turkey Baster

There’s nothing worse than pulling your turkey out of the oven after hours of cooking, cutting it open, and finding … it’s dry! That’s where the turkey baster comes in; it keeps your bird moist and juicy. If you don’t already own one, what are you waiting for?

Meat Thermometer

You can never be too careful when you’re cooking big slabs of meat for holiday dinners. And it’s almost impossible to tell from the outside when a turkey or roast is fully cooked. With a meat thermometer, you never have to wonder whether it’s time to pull your main course out of the oven.

Slow Cooker

You probably have one of these in the depths of your cupboard right now, and there’s no better time to break it out than during the holidays. When your oven and stove are spoken for, use your slow cooker to keep a dish warm on your counter.

Cookie Cutters

Holiday cookies are easy to love, but you know what makes them even more fun? When they’re cut into festive shapes! You can find cookie cutters in almost every shape you can imagine, so buy a bunch so you can mix and match.

Wooden Spoons

You can almost never have too many wooden spoons, the workhorses of the kitchen. From baking, to cooking, to serving, you’ll find yourself reaching for wooden spoons again and again this time of year. Might as well stock up! The good news? They’re on the of the cheapest kitchen items you can buy.

Vegetable Peeler

When you’re staring down a pile of potatoes, you’ll be glad to have a sturdy vegetable peeler on your side. The right peeler can make quick – dare we say enjoyable? – work of whatever vegetables are on the menu.

Can Opener

You can’t make a classic green bean casserole or a pumpkin pie without opening up a bunch of cans. Make sure this essential gadget is in your arsenal, or you’ll regret it come Thanksgiving Day.

Rolling pin

From pie crusts to holiday cookies, your rolling pin is sure to get a workout this holiday season. A sturdy wooden rolling pin will last you for years, but you could also get a marble rolling pin or even one with festive holiday cutouts.

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